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Stay in an Eco BnB in Tenerife, the Canary Islands

This is the place I’ve been waiting to tell you about! This cosy, calm and dreamy hideaway in the hills of Tenerife, facing the sea and La Gomera island.. I found this place on Eco bnb through a random search for eco-friendly accommodations in Tenerife and it was a lucky strike. Would you like to stay in an eco-friendly b&b in the Tenerife hillside? Find out all about Finca Dahlia in this post!

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Finca Dahlia Eco Bnb in Tenerife

Calle La Asomadita, Taucho - 38670 Adeje - Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Spain

The property is known as ‘Finca Dahlia’ and it is located in a little village called Taucho, in the hillsides of Adeje, away from mass tourism. Taucho possesses an unspoilt charm with its traditional Canarian architecture and quaint streets, making it a lovely location for a peaceful retreat. – Finca dahlia Eco Retreat

We were in contact with one of the owners, Shelby Healey, since booking the place and she was very kind and helpful throughout the stay. Eco Bnb handles the booking but you can also directly contact the hosts via email or WhatsApp.

Finca Dahlia is a luxurious yet ecological hideaway in the hills. I believe building a lovely little sustainable eco finca and renting it out is a genius idea. For many of us who live in cities, this is the dream getaway. The accommodation is perfect for couples, looking for a romantic stay!

Location & Getting There

This truly is a getaway on the island, up in the hills, and you will most definitely need a car to get here and around. We arrived with our rental car in the afternoon and Shelby had given us the instructions for which route to take.

As you can see from the Google Maps screenshot below, it was a very winding route uphill! It’s a bit tricky to get there at first but once you’re familiar with the road, it’s easier. I advice you to do grocery shopping and have all you need for your stay before you get to the hills! It takes about 20 minutes to come up from the town below, and the nearest grocery store is miles away. There were no stores or restaurants open near the bnb when we stayed there, although Taucho is known to have one restaurant.

Taucho and La Quinta are the two hill towns near the bnb. It’s very peaceful and quiet and there were few people around. We went for a little walk around one evening and came across a small church and a lush valley. There’s not a whole lot of stuff to do within walking distance, unless you want to take some of the hiking routes around or check out the paragliding adventure! We spent most of our time just chilling at the bnb.

The Cottage and Finca

The accommodation consists of a fairly large-sized wooden cottage along with it’s own patio and a yard! It was a lovely space for the couple of us to relax. The host lives in another property across the block and is there in case you need anything (firewood, change of toiletries etc.). She was there to greet us when we arrived and handed us the keys. Also there to welcome us was Glenda, the cat 🙂 You can see her in the pics and videos in this post – she hung around and loved to sit by the fireplace!

Nature is really at the doorstep! The setting is ideal for birdwatching, drawing and painting. The views are absolutely stunning – I really wasn’t expecting those sea views! The cottage has windows looking over the sea and other islands too, plus we can see a beautiful sunset from this point!


The kitchen is the first part of the cottage, as you enter the front door. A lovely wooden panelled counter with a gas stove top and windows facing the ocean. It was a pleasure to cook here! All utensils and cutlery for 2 are available for use. There’s an oven and a small fridge as you can see in the pic above. Here we enjoyed cooking spaghetti, paella and stuff like that!

Living Room:

The next part of the cottage is the living room, which consists of a cute little table for 2, a couch and a fireplace! There is wood for fire and you can request more, if needed. We used the fireplace on a couple of nights – it was actually pretty cool up in the hills and rainy too, so it was cosy by the fire.


Tastefully decorated, like the rest of the cottage, the bedroom area is minimal, comfy and cosy! The soft warm tone colours give a peaceful feel. As you can see, linen and towels are provided by the host.


The photos can speak for themselves, I guess! This was bath heaven! An open bathtub area is located next to the bedroom and also has a ceiling window to look up through. You can have an aromatic bath using the essential oils found in the bathroom and hot water is also available. I did daily – ain’t gonna get the chance back at home! Although after this stay, I’m really thinking of building this kind of bath in our bedroom (maybe one day..).


In addition to the bathtub, there’s also a regular toilet attached to the kitchen area, where you can find the dry toilet, a shower with eco friendly vegan toiletries. Couldn’t ask for a better bath experience!

Only ecological/natural soaps to be used here as the runoff is used to irrigate the garden!

The yard and patio:

There is a patio in front of the entrance where you can enjoy dining out! On a lower level, there’s a lovely sun deck with a couple of sun chairs. It was only hot and sunny on one day while we stayed there and we spent all day on the sun deck. It’s a private area (only a couple of cats come by) with a relaxing atmosphere.

Features and Facilities

Summing up the best features of this stay:

  • Hillstation feels
  • Sustainable, modern eco friendly living
  • Kitty!
  • Everything needed in kitchen – All things for 2
  • Cosy bed
  • Cosy fireplace
  • Outdoor patio
  • Electricity, warm flowing water.
  • Eco friendly detergents and toiletries
  • Dry toilet
  • Aroma bath in the best bathtub!
  • Sea view and view to La Gomera
  • Free parking in front of the finca

Booking Finca Dahlia Eco Bnb in Tenerife

You can book the stay by contacting the host via ecobnb! The minimum stay required is 3 nights. The price of the cottage starts from 75€ per night. The property is also listed on Airbnb but we don’t use that service as they charge higher fees.

Book your getaway here: Finca Dahlia Eco Retreat

Choose ecological accommodation via Eco Bnb on your holiday and save trees!

->How many trees you save traveling with Ecobnb

This was Finca Dahlia eco bnb Tenerife! Any questions or comments? Drop them below! I’ll leave with you with a slideshow of Glenda the cat! Be sure to check out our YouTube as well, where I give you a little tour of the accommodation.



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Last updated on October 20th, 2023


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