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Welcome to Veganhaven – a one of a kind travel and photo blog, with an emphasis on ethical experiences along with a love for animals and nature (and good food, of course)

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Hello! It’s nice that you have found this little blog. I’m Nandita – creator, writer and photographer of Veganhaven. Welcome!


I finally decided to start a travel blog in early 2020 (yikes), after a fair share of travels around Europe as a student and an interest to share our travel experiences. I moved to Finland from India back in 2015 for studies and now hold a Master’s degree in Science. We plan to travel more in future, combining it with my passion for writing and photography. Travel keeps me going, it’s the excitement of planning, exploring and experiencing new things.

All this with a conscious mind, respecting nature and the earth. I love animals and birds, so expect a lot of related photos along with genuine content. This is not a blog that’s going to recommend eating animals, using animals for entertainment or doing anything that supports animal abuse or exploitation.

Veganhaven because this blog is free of experiences that involve exploitation of animals and everyone can read the content with peace of mind.

I’m mostly going to remain behind the camera. I usually travel alone or with my partner J. ”We”, ”Us”, ”Our” on this blog refers to me and those who I travel with. My first ‘job’ was a freelance writer and photographer for a Delhi based lifestyle website back in college. Besides travel writing and editing photos, I spend my free time with music, books, playing tennis and also practise air yoga. I also love symphonic metal and enjoy going to concerts of my favourite bands.

How we travel

I would say we do independent budget travel most of the time, but have moved past the stage of staying in 10 people mixed dorms (although experiencing such in Camden Town in London or a backpacker’s hostel in Tallinn wasn’t too bad). I’ve lived in big cities all my life and like to avoid crowded places. We thus tend to travel off-season and stay in a private room or apartment. I’m also interested in exploring the less explored places. By independent, it means that I do the planning for trips and do not use travel agents or package tours. We decide where to travel, what to see and do based on our own preferences and interests. Good food is a big part of our journey, so we will not hesitate to share delicious food pics and useful information on vegan dining on the blog.

If you’re wondering why ‘vegan’? – Read this.

Air Travel: We aren’t full-time travellers and usually spend summers – the best time – in and around Finland. We don’t plan on flying abroad more than twice a year. So far our international travels have mainly been around Europe. Taking time, distance and money into account, sometimes the only practical option is to take a flight. We book economy and give priority to direct flights, plan trips that give us at least a week’s stay in a country or region. I love flying itself. After the stress of planning your trip, waiting for the day to arrive and going through airports – it’s peaceful up in the air, above the world, realizing you are finally on your way.

My ultimate dream: to live sustainably in a cosy but modern tree house, with rescued animals around – preferably somewhere warm and with a beach nearby 😉 Till then, enjoy the blog!

Where we’ve been so far – World Map

Content and Photographs

All the content on this website is genuine and written by me and I tell the original stories from our travel experiences. All the photographs are taken and edited by me, unless otherwise mentioned. I don’t over edit photos to be something it wasn’t. Photographs are subject to copyright. Please do not copy text or share photographs without credits. If you are interested, a lot of my photography can be found on Picfair and Alamy, where you can purchase them for use!

This website is ad-free and there won’t be any irrelevant advertisements or pop-ups displayed on the blog. The blog is not sponsored by anyone and even if a post may be, it does not affect the content of the blog. We will only endorse trusted brands which we have experience of personally. Some posts may contain affiliate links, where mentioned. But this blog is not about deals and selling stuff. It’s a place to unwind and enjoy.

That’s why we rely on your direct support. Read, like, share posts that you like! It would be awesome if you support at Buy Me a Coffee / Paypal.Me

At Veganhaven, we recognize that there are good people out there, doing good things. There are beautiful places and things that nature and the planet have to offer us. And we’re about finding those places.

If you own a vegan brand, business, hotel or restaurant and would you like to collaborate with us – Get in touch via the Contact form! Looking forward to collaborating – let’s do greater things together!



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