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The Complete Warsaw Vegan Travel Guide

Warsaw vegan travel guide
Mermaid statue, Old Town Market Square.

We spent a week in Warsaw at the beginning of autumn 2022 and it was the perfect European city break! Why Warsaw? Cheap flights from Helsinki and tons of vegan restaurants, I guess! Warsaw is actually one of the top vegan-friendly cities in the world, according to HappyCow. It was also a chance to check out a new country – Poland. I wasn’t expecting much to do in Warsaw but we were surprised by the endless sights to see here. This is a historical city where the old blends into the new in inexplicable ways.

In this post, you can find out all about the Warsaw vegan scene – where to find the best food in town and things to do in the Polish capital!

Getting Around Warsaw
Where to Stay in Warsaw
Things To Do
Vegan in Warsaw
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Practical info: They don’t use the Euro in Poland, their national currency is the Polish złoty. 1 złoty = 0.21 EUR (approx.) But, euros are widely accepted if you pay by card. While paying with card, it gives you an option to pay euros or zl. I suggest paying in local currency as the euro charge is a bit more. Almost all restaurants and shops accept card payment.

People in the city do understand English – we didn’t really have any issues in restaurants, but there were occasions when we had to communicate with signs and gestures! In September, it’s cool and windy with some sunny times, so carry a light autumn jacket with you.

Now, let me tell you about getting around Warsaw and the top things to do in the city. If you’d like to go directly to the vegan food spots, jump here.

Getting Around Warsaw

As soon as we landed in Warsaw, we got a 72-hr public transport paper ticket and boarded a bus to the city. There’s red ‘bilet’ ticket machines, where you can purchase your ticket. It’s easy to get around Warsaw with all the trams, buses and metro. There exists a simple metro system with M1 blue and M2 red lines. Tickets can also be bought onboard buses or tram in many cases.

Warsaw metro station
A metro station in Warsaw.

Where we stayed in Warsaw

For the week, we went in for an apartment we found on – Central Place Pl. Bankowy. I chose an apartment over a hotel stay, as it gives you a much more local experience! It was quite small but comfortable, peaceful and well located, by a church. You can find many other lovely apartments around the old town area!

Our apartment room in Warsaw.

I didn’t spend much time choosing a place as this was actually a semi-business trip and we needed to stay near the Old Town. We didn’t find any exclusively vegan hotels, but there are some lovely hotels in town. Here are our top suggestions for Warsaw! (rating out of 10 on

PURO Warsaw Centrum – A stylish, modern 4-star hotel, pet-friendly, caters to vegans (9.3)

Motel One Chopin – Modern, trendy hotel, known to cater to vegans (9.1)

SleepWell Apartments – Elegant apartments in a fantastic location in the centre (9.0)

Royal Tulip Warsaw – Luxurious aparthotel with vegan options for breakfast (9.5)

Chopin Boutique – Stylish classic style rooms in Warsaw centre (8.8)

*note these are affiliate links through which you can make bookings. If in any case you do, the blog may earn a commission – at no extra cost to you. Thanks for the support!*

Things To Do in Warsaw

The Old Town

You must first visit the Old Town of Warsaw. Warsaw was almost completely destroyed during WWII and the town has been rebuilt since then. The ‘Old Town’ is now fully restored and a UNESCO heritage site. I took the Orange Umbrella Walking Tour in English, it’s free (tips expected) and takes about 2 hours 15 minutes.

The Old Town tour will take you slowly through all the major landmarks and your guide will tell you a lot about the history of Poland. Below are some photos I clicked during the tour:

The Royal Castle is a sight to see in the Old Town and if you want to explore the palace museum, you have to pay an entry fee. There is free entry Wednesdays! The website for info: Royal Castle Warsaw

Warsaw vegan travel guide - Royal Castle
The Royal Castle, Warsaw, Poland.

The Warsaw Uprising Monument is an important landmark that can be found at the outskirts of the Old Town. At the end of this post, you can find the map with all places marked!

Warsaw Uprising Monument.

Warsaw Ghetto Wall

In the area surrounding the Old Town, you may come across the remains of the wall and wall boundary marker of the Warsaw Ghetto, where as many as 460,000 Jews were imprisoned during Nazi occupation. Here we take a moment to remember the atrocities of those times.

The Palace of Culture and Science

This prominent gothic building and clock tower stands tall and lit up in Warsaw Centrum. You can and should go up to the terrace for some views over the city (around 5€ for a ticket). We did a very similar thing in Riga and thus decided to skip this one. Tickets to the observation deck and official website: Pałac Kultury i Nauki


Warsaw has plenty of museums to choose from, depending on your interests. We recommend the following history and cultural museums – Chopin museum, The Uprising museum and the National Museum. Entry is affordable, being around 25zł (5€) per adult ticket. For a fun time, how about check out the Neon museum, the Pinball Arcade museum or the Vodka museum?

Copernicus Science Centre would be an interesting place for families with kids and later you can walk by the Vistula river, and find the Warsaw Mermaid statue. You can also find a rooftop botanical garden opposite the science centre!

The Saxon Garden and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Vegan in Warsaw

I’ll tell you this already – Warsaw IS a vegan haven! They have a bustling vegan food scene. We were blown away by how many fully vegan restaurants there are in town – we only needed to dine at vegan places. And the prices were so affordable (everything half as expensive, coming from Finland). If you want to plan a European city trip purely around (vegan) food, then Warsaw is a great destination.

You can find so many different cuisines here – plenty of falafel humus stuff, vegan ramen and sushi – tons of vegan Asian food spots including a couple of Loving Huts! Then there are Polish vegan fast food chains – Krowarzywa and Mango Vegan. For fine plates and upscale dining, there’s The Botanist.

My challenge was to try out around 14 restaurants in 5 days! I tried to prioritize places in order to try as many as possible and managed 12 in the end. All this food may look delicious but you don’t need to try out all restaurants or dishes (even if you’re a travel/food blogger). I pushed myself to eat more than usual just so that I could do all the places on my list. Eat slow, with no worries, and actually enjoy. I hope this helps you choose between the best!

Vegan Restaurants in Warsaw

#1 La Vegana

Zgoda 4, 00-018 Warszawa, Poland

La Vegana is the very first place we dined at when we landed in Warsaw on a Monday night. Many restaurants happened to be closed at that time, but this one didn’t let down! This place popped up on my Google Maps search, which was a surprise as I hadn’t noticed it before when I researched for vegan in Warsaw. We stepped in with no idea what kind of food they serve and found that it was Vietnamese, which was a surprise! Wasn’t expecting to have Asian food on our first eat out in Warsaw but we were so hungry and one look at the menu had me almost drooling.

We had the Seitan ‘power balls’ and their recommended Tofu Bulgogi (tofu and oyster mushroom in spicy soy sauce) as starters. The main dish was a Vietnamese curry served with rice (can’t remember the name) and everything was delicious. The staff was friendly and brought us our drinks and food at a relaxed pace.

The place was packed and noisy on a Monday, so reserving a table in advance is a good idea. They are open daily from noon until 10PM. Facebook page: La Vegana

#2 Krowarzywa

Chmielna 23, 00-032 Warszawa, Poland

Poland’s very own vegan burger chain Krowarzywa serves up wholesome burgers, wraps and salads. We were very happy to come across one and went in to try one of their burgers. We’d just dined at the previous spot but I couldn’t resist. Ordered their Chickpea burger for take away!

Good burger, good vibes and good prices! Krowarzywa is a must, when in Warsaw. Updates on their social pages: Krowarzywa fb.

#3 Vege Miasto

Aleja "Solidarności" 60A, 00-240 Warszawa, Poland

Vege Miasto near Old Town is a top rated restaurant on GoogleMaps and HappyCow. We found it to be a very happening place, a packed evening hangout, with outdoor seating. We came here to try the ‘Pierogi’ – Polish dumplings and luckily also ended up trying the potato pancakes! The food variety is amazing – you can find ‘healthy’ meals, traditional dishes, gluten-free and delicious looking dessert options as well.

The dishes were super filling and a good value for money. Not to miss vegan dining in Warsaw! They are open daily from noon up until 9PM. More info on their Facebook page: Vegemiasto

#4 Eter – Vegan bakery & speciality coffee

Hoża 5/7, 00-528 Warszawa, Poland

I had just enough time to pop in to this trendy vegan café to sample one of their desserts along with coffee. The pistachio tart was exceptional. They have a bunch of other pretty looking desserts on display as well. A perfect place to hang out and have a coffee!

vegan in Warsaw - Eter vegan Bakery
Eter Vegan Bakery.

Instagram: Eter Vegan Bakery

#5 Peaches Gastro Girls

Mokotowska 58, 00-536 Warszawa, Poland

Not far from Eter vegan bakery, hidden away in an inner courtyard, you’ll find Peaches. It’s a summery hip place with fine lunch menu. Everything served is vegan, although they don’t specifically mention it anywhere. The exotic menu consists of a selection of a few starters, cold dishes, warm bowls, desserts and beverages.

The cucumber plate sounded quite interesting and it was indeed special – sage, chives mayo, chili and cucumber in a broth. It was an explosion of flavour with just the right amount of herbs and spices. Order with a side for a filling meal.

Instagram: peaches_gastrogirls

#6 Lokal Vegan Bistro

ul.Krucza 23/31, Warsaw, Poland 00-525

In a block nearby Peaches, Lokal serves up some Polish homemade style food amongst other dishes – worth checking out as well. I didn’t dine here but J checked it out and tried the ‘Rainbow Fries’ bowl:

website: Lokal Vegan Bistro

#Leonardo Verde – closed 🙁

Lovers of Italian plant-based cuisine – find yourselves here! Pizza, pasta, wine, dessert with gluten-free options are on the menu. I wasn’t very hungry at the time so I just ordered a tasty arancini ball.. J got the pizza with artichokes, mushrooms and smoked tofu, which we thought was pretty good.

#7 Momencik

Poznańska, 16, Warsaw, Poland

Right opposite Leonardo, exists another vegan spot, but Mexican! Check out Momencik for casual Mexican eats. Again, J managed to try a burrito at this spot. You can find so many different cuisines in this one area, it’s amazing. Youmiko Vegan Sushi and Tel Aviv Middle Eastern food are a few steps away and are highly rated vegan restaurants.

#ZielonoMi Vege & Wine – closed 🙁

This is the first place we went to check out when we landed in Warsaw, but it turned out to be closed! So, unreliable opening times, but otherwise it was a cosy wine bar with some veg treats and good service in the old town. Their special house wine came in a huge glass and we ordered some pancakes to go with it – so great that you can order pancakes at night!

Unfortunately, the business seems to be no longer operating in 2023.

#8 Vegan Sushi Bar

Nowolipki 15, 00-150 Warszawa, Poland

This is top rated sushi spot in Warsaw and I decided to take a look. The menu was elaborate, with a variety of sushi options and we settled for the ‘California rolls’. The highlight, however, was the tempura bowl! It was well done and everything else was well presented as well. Recommended for sushi lovers!

Website: vegansushibar

#9 Vegan Ramen Shop

al. Jana Pawła II 52/54, 00-150 Warszawa, Poland

Head over to any one of the Vegan Ramen Shops in town for some explosive plant-based umami! This is a hugely popular spot among locals and tourists alike, and we witnessed people queuing outside for a lunch spot! Luckily, we found a table indoors, in their glass box of a restaurant. Our order came in a decent amount of time even though it was busy (be prepared to wait, though).

Warsaw vegan ramen shop
Spicy Miso Ramen.

The menu we got was only in Polish so we just asked the staff for a suggestion and they pointed out the popular ‘Spicy Miso Ramen’ bowl. I wasn’t sure about how strong the miso and spiciness would be but it went together perfectly! I do recommend this place, especially if you’re a fan of Asian flavours and ramen. They have a variety of spicy, creamy and clear ramen soups.

Instagram: veganramenshop

#10 Mango Vegan Street Food

Żelazna 58/62, 00-879 Warszawa, Poland

Mango Vegan have a couple of restaurants in town and their menu consists of dishes from different cuisines, from Middle eastern to oriental. They do have a nice space and if you come in the afternoon, you can get a lunch menu offer. À la carte prices were a bit above the average.

The lunch included a starter, a main dish and a small dessert. The starter in my case, was a huge bowl of noodle soup, which I was unable to finish. The main was a shakshuka with quinoa falafels which were falling apart. It wasn’t my favourite, but I loved the tiny sticky-sweet Baklava they served for dessert!

Honestly, go here for drinks and dessert ; ) Instagram: mangoveganwarsaw

#11 Boca Boca Vegan Guilty Pleasure

Mikołaja Kopernika 25, 00-359 Warszawa, Poland

This is where we enjoyed our last dinner in Warsaw and it was a good choice! I had to decide between Boca Boca and Pink Vegan and this was first on the way. I think it was mostly just the casual and chill ambience for us, and the one staff around that made the experience so nice. The food wasn’t mind blowing – they were simple comfort food plates.

The ‘Not Dog’ actually had a marinated carrot – now that’s a real vegan hotdog, isn’t it? I wasn’t a fan of the smoky taste but I did enjoy the toppings. I would suggest you drop in here for a unique bite of vegan junk food from around the world! Not in pic: Nachos with pineapple salsa and house-made chili mayo, and they also made us a cup of warm mulled wine! Now that, I really liked.

They are open daily from noon till about 22. Boca Boca facebook page

#12 The Botanist

Ordynacka 13, 00-364 Warszawa, Poland

The Botanist was actually top on my list of dinner places to try in Warsaw! Well, guess what – we saved it for our last night, and silly me, forgot to make a reservation. I was hoping they had a table for 2 but they are very popular, it seems. So! Make your reservations a few days in advance! This is fine plant-based dining in Warsaw, and at good prices.

Reservations: The Botanist

Other suggestions

Warsaw had tons of vegan food spots and we couldn’t manage to get to all on our list, even though we were there for 5 whole days, but hopefully we’ve covered the best! Places we missed dining at this time (other than the Botanist):

Uapami Seitan Burger, Veganda, Veg4seasons, TelAviv Urban Food, Pink Vegan, Loving Hut

If you find yourself on the other side of Warsaw, across the bridge, Nancy Lee is a good brunch option. In additions to all these vegan restaurants, there are also tons of places with vegan options – Relax na Wilczej does a great vegan breakfast! Starbucks had vegan croissants and apple pie!

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Warsaw Vegan Travel Guide – Map



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