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Top 5 Vegan Pizzas in Helsinki

I thought about doing one of those ‘top 5’ – ‘ultimate’- ‘best ever’ – kind of posts. The first thing that came to my mind was pizzas. Well, I recently had some great pizzas and thought that there must be at least 5 different places with vegan pizzas in Helsinki and I should make a single post about them. So in this ‘ultimate guide’ to pizzas in Helsinki, I show you our Top 5 picks below:

1- Putte’s Bar and Pizza

Kalevankatu 6, 00100 Helsinki

‘Meat is Murder’ is one of the vegan pizzas they offer in this pizza bar downtown. Loud music and hip vibes, this place is pretty good for a dine out. They also have vegan lunches, wines and other pizzas on the menu. We’ve also tried the Marinara but Meat is Murder is the best. The cashew cream and härkis (fava bean) on top is tasty! Interestingly, this place isn’t even vegetarian. While they have pizza called ‘meat is murder’, they don’t seem to mind serving parts of murdered animals as toppings on other pizzas..

2- Vibes by Vöner / Pizza Express

Mariankatu 18, 00170 Helsinki

This restaurant was a gem in the Kruununhaka district. Vöner is a Finnish brand that produces wheat protein products a.k.a seitan. They have made a name for themselves and the product is sold in many grocery stores as well as restaurants across Finland. Vibes by Vöner was a vegan pizza restaurant at one point and served up some good quality fast food. Pizzas, burgers, mac n’ cheese.. all plant-based.

The restaurant is now Pizza Express and they have a vegan menu section, including vöner pizzas with vegan cheese. You can also find vöner pizzas in many other local pizzerias. We recommend one at Annan Pippuri in Kamppi, Helsinki.

vegan pizza helsinki
Vöner Pizza at Annan Pippuri

3- Kotipizza


Another chain of restaurants – Finland’s very own Kotipizza. It is popular as a take away/ pizza delivery service, all around Helsinki. We’ve taken away the SuperSeitan a few times and it’s their only vegan pizza at about 14 EUR for a medium. You can also make your own by choosing veggie toppings and vegan cheese but it’s slightly more expensive . The SuperSeitan is in the Top 5 because it’s pretty satisfying and has seitan, of course, plus generous amounts of garlic mayo and peppers. It’s only disappointing that they don’t have more vegan stuff on the menu.

4- Rosso

Rustica Vegana pizza by Rosso chain of restaurants in Finland is a favourite. They also have a choice of rye crust which is really good. Free side salad. Topped with grilled eggplant, ceps, sun-dried tomatoes and rucola. Find a Rosso in Espoo (the one in Hakaniemi seems to have closed). We’ve eaten the same pizza in other towns – at Rosso in Porvoo, Mikkeli, Rovaniemi and Imatra in Finland. The Italian style restaurant has a few other vegan options – in starters, dessert and wines. I really wish Rosso comes back to town, they definitely had one of the best vegan pizzas in Helsinki!

5- Pizza Hut Finland

This American pizza chain might still be new to Finland but I’m used to their pizzas from childhood in India when the fast food chain came about. Pizza Hut in Finland is quite expensive compared to typical pizza places and with no good options. But let’s talk about why we ended up here now and why Pizza Hut is on the list –

They had a promo vegan menu! Yes, all different vegan pizzas, toppings and dessert. We went for the Spicy Hot Vegan One. The small pan size is almost 16 EUR! Typical pizza hut style pan crust, with chunky spicy soy bits and chili pepper. Good but expensive. They now have a few vegan options on menu including the Beyond Meat supreme and Vegeroni.



That’s for our top vegan pizzas in Helsinki! Any comments, or recommendations? Leave them below!

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Last updated on February 21st, 2024

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