Why Vegan

At Veganhaven we do not condone animal exploitation of any kind. First and foremost, we reject the consumption of animal origin products as it causes direct harm to animals and gives them a commodity status. Veganism is not just about avoiding animal exploitation for food but also in all other ways animals are killed – for clothing, experimentation and entertainment. It also means avoiding unethical practices like visiting zoos and other establishments where animals are held captive and not using animal rides. If an organisation is known to rescue and help conservation, we decide if visiting such places is ethical. There are sanctuaries and shelters for rescued farm animals and other animals that we will surely try to visit or volunteer at during travels.

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We stopped consuming animal products in the beginning of 2019 and were vegetarian for some years before that, obviously before realizing what actually goes on in dairy and egg industries. It was around the same time as I found out about fur farming in Finland, and that enraged me. I had no idea that such practices occurred. Cruelty towards animals always upset me – because I feel animals are especially innocent and it’s plain evil to harm them. I always found it disgusting that people ate certain animals but for many years I was indifferent to the suffering of chickens and fish. I excused myself out of habit and because I thought I ‘ate only a little’ of it. Some years ago I stopped being such a hypocrite. I spent my childhood around the lovely stray dogs in India and considered myself an animal lover since day 1. I have volunteered at animal shelters in cities I’ve lived in. Recently I’ve also participated in local street activism in Helsinki.

There is much information available online, if only you look. When we start seeing other animals as individuals, our perspective changes to see the reality, beyond what we’ve been taught to accept from an early age. As humans, we have a moral sense and know it’s wrong to exploit and kill other beings – and we need to show compassion in all our ways. Why exclude ‘farmed’ animals from your consideration? To the animals, it makes no difference if they are farmed or wild, everyone suffers the same. Farmed animals suffer much more as they live their entire short life in captivity in miserable conditions before they are trucked off to a slaughterhouse, where you can imagine the horror that awaits.

We would recommend watching the following:

Sometimes the cruelty in this world may be too much for us to comprehend when we view the horrors of animal agriculture. It’s okay to feel upset, confused and angry. If you’re not, you probably aren’t aware of what’s going on.

Animal farming is not only cruel but a huge burden on the environment. With climate change being a serious situation now, we need to talk about energy and resource intensive practices like animal agriculture. Watch documentaries like Cowspiracy and Seaspiracy to learn more.

It may be surprising to realize how less some people care. Why change when the majority are consuming this stuff and most restaurants and shops sell these products? Take time to ask yourself – what’s the right thing to do? Some choose to stay ignorant because it takes effort to make changes in their lifestyle. But we owe it to the earth and other earthlings. The least we can do is not consume animal products. Living in a society where animal exploitation is the norm may not be easy, but we are part of the shift to a civilized world.