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New Year Update – Veganhaven Blog

Hello dear readers! How has the year begun for you? Here at Veganhaven, we are busy making plans for the year, which includes new travel destinations, new vegan guides, website updates – lots to think about! The first month of the year is already coming to an end. This year will mark Veganhaven blog’s 3rd anniversary. Last year, we saw travel returning to ‘normal’ after a couple of harrowing years. What are your travel plans for the year? In case you need help deciding, I share a list of the top trending destinations for 2023 in this post!

Veganhaven blog 2022 year in review

Let’s look at how far we’ve come in the last year.

  • Veganhaven blog has had over 12 new posts – including 3+ vegan travel guides and 4+ new destinations!
  • We were mentioned in the Top 10 Vegan Travel Blogs of the year by ReadyAimTravel
  • I visited Barcelona, Fuerteventura and Tallinn again.
  • We volunteered at an animal sanctuary. Blog about the experience here.
  • We visited Poland for the first time to spend a week in Warsaw! Check out the guide.
  • We visited Portugal for the first time and spent a great 2 weeks in the Algarve & Lisbon
  • I travelled to India after over 3 years
Veganhaven Blog
Kerala, India. @veganhaven on VSCO

In the last few months, finding an alternative platform to Instagram has been one of my goals. It just doesn’t support small creators anymore, the algorithm favours addictive videos to keep people scrolling, caters to short attention spans, and there’s too many ‘influencers’ doing the same things for likes. Less than 5% of followers see my posts according to insights and even fewer click any links to my blog.. but I still stay active so I can engage with my followers and share blog post updates etc. I started our Discord community, which was one of the goals of the year (I won’t be posting on the Buy Me A Coffee support page anymore) but as it’s not mainstream, it may take a while to grow.

Veganhaven Blog
Lagos, Portugal. @veganhaventravel on Instagram

My main goal is to try and post more here on the website, think of new ways to promote the blog – advertise it and such. I might not focus on long detailed posts that take a lot of time and effort but try quick fun/informative posts too. Along with this, more YouTube video content.

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Thank You

Everyone who has supported Veganhaven blog so far – whether you liked, shared and engaged with any content, from the very beginning or even recently. Every little bit motivates me to create more. Thanks to the awesome supporters who bought me coffee! Wish you all a good year ahead!

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I’ll leave you with a list of trending travel destinations (content and images courtesy of I have looked through each of these destinations and the suggested hotels – and I think they are all superb! Do you have any of these places in mind to travel to in 2023? Let me know in comments.

Feel free to check out and book places using the links provided below! As a affiliate partner, I may receive a small commission if you make a booking via our links. This would be at no extra costs to you – thanks for supporting this blog!


Based on extensive research for the coming year to help travellers discover ultimate destinations, we are pleased to share with you the top trending destinations in 2023.

São Paulo, Brazil

The energetic metropolis of São Paulo is home to 20 million locals known as ‘paulistanos’. The concrete jungle boasts an exploding nightlife scene with a matrix of underground clubs – perfect for the three quarters (72%) of those who are open to ‘nightlife-centric vacations’ in 2023. For downtime, escape to the beaches on the northern coast, a hidden gem to rival the famous beaches of Rio.

Where to stay: L’Hotel PortoBay São Paulo (rated 8.8)

Budva, Montenegro

Located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, Budva boasts a 22 mile (35km) winding coastline known as the Budva Riviera with a strip of beautiful golden sandy beaches. With one in five travellers saying the main thing they want from a trip in 2023 is to relax on a beach, Budva in western Montenegro is one of the top destinations in Europe.

Where to stay: Apartments Inspiration (rated 9.7)

Pondicherry, India

The bohemian seaside city of Pondicherry is located on the southeast coast of India sitting on the Bay of Bengal. With 44% of travellers reporting they want to try a spiritual stay in 2023, and 40% keen for a silent retreat, this city attracts spiritually-minded visitors. The quaint streets are lined with pastel-coloured townhouses and charming balconies draped with bougainvillea.

Where to stay: Anantha Heritage (rated 8.7)

Querétaro, Mexico

Querétaro is a city with a spring-like climate located in the central highlands. It is home to Peña de Bernal, one of the largest monoliths in the world. This is perfect for the travellers interested in UFO sightings. Back in town, travellers can discover grand fountains, shady plazas and historic churches with a stroll through the city.

Where to stay: Morazul Hotel Boutique (rated 9)

Bolzano, Italy

Bolzano is the capital of South Tyrol, a region in northern Italy. It is an alpine destination ideal for hiking and skiing in the Italian Dolomites. In summer, travellers can challenge themselves with a mountain ascent. In winter, they can visit one of the ski resorts.

Where to stay: Castel Hörtenberg (rated 9.2)

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

The capital of Sabah in the Malaysian part of Borneo is surrounded by rainforests and sandy beaches. It is an off-the-beaten-track destination for travellers who want a unique cultural experience in 2023. With majestic views of Mount Kinabalu along the river, visitors may spot a proboscis monkey and witness thousands of fireflies light up the evening sky.

Where to stay: Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu (rated 9)

Kalabaka, Greece

This town in the Thessaly Valley is home to the Meteora, a rock formation with Eastern Orthodox monasteries. It is a UNESCO world heritage site for the 51% who want a different cultural experience which can be explored by foot.

Where to stay: Hotel Doupiani House (rated 9.4)

Santa Fe, United States

With its nickname ‘The City Different’, this city is known for its multicultural heritage and Native American tribes. It offers unique artistic traditions and adobe-style structures, and is ideal for the 73% who are open to ‘out of the comfort zone’ experiences.

Where to stay: Bobcat Inn (rated 9.4)

Olomouc, Czech Republic

For the third of travellers keen to explore lesser-known cities next year that aren’t yet on the radar, the historic city of Olomouc is a fantastic alternative to the popular city of Prague and one of Europe’s best kept secrets. Located in the Haná region of Moravia, the city dates back to Roman times and has it all.

Where to stay: Long Story Short Hostel & Café (rated 9.4)

Hobart, Australia

There are few destinations where travellers can climb a mountain, head to the beach and visit a world-class art gallery all in one day, Hobart is one of them. The capital of Tasmania is the southernmost capital in Australia, meaning the weather is unbelievably good all year round.

Where to stay: Maylands Lodge (rated 9.5)

Last updated on February 21st, 2024


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