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5 vegan cafes in Helsinki you need to check out!

Continuing on my Helsinki vegan guide, let me tell you about the cafes in town! There are around five fully vegan cafes in Helsinki and you need to check these out. We have a couple of art cafés – who doesn’t love some art along with a cup of coffee? Then we also have a yoga café – yoga, coffee and vegan desserts – another combination of things I love! Find below the list of our favourite vegan cafes in Helsinki:

#1 Round Donut café

Iso Roobertinkatu 16, 00120 Helsinki

Round is the first donut café in Helsinki. Donuts and coffee? Hell yeah! How lucky are we to have a vegan donut café in town!? Even though I’m not a huge fan of donuts myself, who can resist this trendy little café? It’s located in one of the loveliest streets of Helsinki known as Iso Roba and I make sure to drop by for a coffee if I’m around.

They stock a variety of donuts with different flavours and toppings so there’s a treat for everyone’s taste! They also keep changing the offerings so you may find different varieties each time you go. Call me boring but I love a classic chocolate donut – I wish they always had that one.

You can see in the pic – we’ve tried a choco-donut topped with popcorn, strange to me! And then the super sweet apple cinnamon and caramel hazelnut donut, among other flavours. Donuts come at a price of around €4 per donut. You can buy a box to save some. Currently they also serve their own made ice cream!

They are open Monday to Saturday 11AM-9PM and on Sundays 12-6PM. For more details and info about current art displays, check their Facebook page: Round HKI. They hold some giveaways and discounts every now and then via their social media channels.

#2 Encanto Art café

Maneesikatu 1-3, 00170 Helsinki

Located in the elegant Kruununhaka district downtown, this makes a perfect location for travellers. You’ll find the entrance at the corner of the street, welcoming you into this cosy little art café. The space isn’t too large, there are 6-8 tables, surrounded by art works on the walls. They have galleries by local artist on display.

This place is kinda new to the scene – I only heard about it recently (in summer 2022). But it’s so cool to have another vegan café in town! They have all day breakfast, toasties, speciality coffees and serve only plant milk including oat and soymilk.. because who in the world still consumes milk from an actual cow?

We went with the breakfast combo of croissant, muesli + yoghurt, cinnamon bun (pulla) with a cappuccino. You can choose 3 items for 8€. I shared breakfast with J and also ordered a cheese toastie for myself. The service is nice, portions are just about enough, toasties are very homemade style – would indeed recommend this café!

Opening times: Monday to Friday 9-16, Saturdays 9-15

Their website: Encanto Art café

#3 Kahvila Rakastan / Café Love

Mannerheimintie 13 b, 00100 Helsinki

Among the good news this year was that this Helsinki based cute little villa café known by many, became fully plant-based! It’s located right near the Finnish National Museum and Oodi library – a lovely place to meet up with friends!

This is the only place I know in Helsinki that offers traditional Finnish Karelian pies (see pic below) and have different versions of it – all veganised. Here I tried the rye-potato pie topped with tofu ‘egg’ and seaweed caviar.

vegan cafe Helsinki

It was a savoury treat – very salty but nice! They also serve soup lunches and other plant-based pastries and small bites. Highly recommend this place when in Helsinki!

Opening times: Tuesday to Sunday 10 – 17 (Fridays and Saturdays until 8PM)

Their website: Kahvila Rakastan

#4 Roots Helsinki Vallila

Eurantie 8-10, 00550 Helsinki
vegan cafes helsinki

This is a yoga studio & vegan café, where I’ve actually been for yoga classes and after, enjoyed a wholesome lunch combo! Sometimes, of course, I’ve just popped in for a coffee and bite too – they always have some cakes and treats. They also do All Day Breakfast, Lunch bowls and bagels.

Bagel at Roots café.

Open on Monday to Friday 8 – 17:30, Saturdays 9 – 15

Their webpage: Roots Helsinki

#5 Be Mine Healthy Friends

Lönnrotinkatu 09, 00120 Helsinki
vegan cafes Helsinki

Be Mine needs a mention here, although not a typical café, it’s a lovely kiosk downtown, serving up different beverages and health food. There is seating space for a few people. They opened in early 2021 and are known to be fully plant-based, and focus on serving diet specific meals e.g low carb, keto (whatever that means).. 😁 You can find different beverages including bubble tea and coffee here!

vegan cafes in Helsinki

On menu is a selection of whole food and poke bowls and wraps, with choice of vegan protein (falafel/tofu/soy mince). I’ve had the Oh My Buddha! bowl with falafel – filling and tasty. They use fresh and unprocessed ingredients which makes me happy. It might feel a bit dry due to this but you can always ask for more sauce. I’ve also tried the Toona wrap which was delicious and again, quite filling!

Opening times: Tuesday – Saturday 12-8PM, Sundays 12-7PM

Their website: Be Mine Healthy Friends

Vegan cafes in Helsinki

This was our guide to vegan cafes in town! I’m sure more will come up and we had such amazing places over time (anyone remember Tartine, the French vegan café? – it was epic, and I still can’t believe they shut down. Well, let’s hope they open again some day!)

In memory of Tartine Helsinki (RIP).

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