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El Cotillo Lagoons and Surf

We spent about half a day in El Cotillo region while we were in Fuerteventura and it sure is one of the ‘Top 10’ places to visit here. The main thing – absolutely lovely white sand beach with lagoons and also a lighthouse. We went straight to El Cotillo beach upon arrival and took off our shoes to walk on the fine sand. The weather was not bad, sunny with a cool wind – typical spring weather in the Canarias. I’d have liked a more warmer temperature though. As we walked further towards the shore, we see vast lagoons with clear blue waters and volcanic rocks around.

You can simply walk in the shallow lagoons, they are hardly a few feet deep. Walk, swim or sit around in them, as you like! We went to a rocky spot protected from the wind and watched the waves crashing at the distance. In the clear water you can also spot some tiny creatures and fishes that have been thrown in here by the waves and inlets. Next we walk back to the road and drive a bit further ahead towards the North- west end of the Island towards a lighthouse. This quaint lighthouse is the El Toston lighthouse.

El Toston.

The shop/ museum and what used to be a cafe were all closed at the time we visited. There was a sign that said there is a ‘fossil beach’ at the foot of the lighthouse. El Toston is one of the main palaeontological sites on Fuerteventura. This excited me (I have a Bachelor’s degree in Geology ?) and I went about closely looking at all the rocks/fossils. There were lagoons also by the sea here and Caleta del Marrajo near the lighthouse was very scenic.

After this we headed to Happy Cactus café nearby, for some snacks and coffee. Check it out on our previous post Fuerteventura Dine Outs.

Neither of us surf, but FYI, El Cotillo is a well known surf destination and there are several good beaches for surfing but one worth mentioning is Playa de Esquinzo! The hidden and off-the-path location was appealing to us. You can take the car down a rocky dirt path and park it at a designated parking lot basically on top of the cliff overlooking the beach.

It’s a small steep hike down to the beach. Here we watched the surfers and enormous waves crashing in. The little Barbary squirrels are also around. The bestest part: there are some decent sand dunes at the side of this beach and lying on the warm sand is very relaxing. We stayed here till it became cloudy and the weather turned cold.

Last updated on September 18th, 2023

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