Next up: The Canary Islands

Escaping to the Canary Islands. To one of them at least. We’ll be at Fuerteventura for the next week. I planned the trip and booked the flights early in January and the wait has been almost painful. This winter in Helsinki has been exceptionally dull, wet and pretty much snowless. Heading to the islands now for some sun.

Travelling light as always. All I have is one duffel bag and a small handbag. With only light carry on luggage, travel is much more comfortable and convenient.

This is going to be my first time there. I didn’t know much about the Canary Islands until I found out that it’s a popular holiday destination for Scandinavians. I’d hear of someone or the other going there and wasn’t really interested in going there myself, thinking it’s touristy. The last time I was on a real island was in Langkawi, Malaysia back in 2010 and I remember it was amazing! Thinking about islands for a holiday now, the Canarias are part of the EU and seemed nice after all. 

I learnt that Fuerteventura is less populated, so looking forward to being there. Our stay is split between two areas. For the first half we are staying in an apartment in Costa Calma and the rest of the days in the northern town of Corralejo.

Things I’m looking forward to the most are: whale and dolphin watching, volcano hikes, the sand dunes and secluded beaches. And of course finding what vegan food there is. Although I’m really in the mood to be a fruitarian right now. I’ll end with a short poem I wrote.

~ In dreams I see scenes of paradise
A gentle warm breeze over closed eyes
Especial smell of salt of the seas
Crystalline sands beneath softened feet
Intense brightness of sunshine piercing
Through memories ~

Last updated on January 10th, 2024

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