Photo Editing Before & After

Here you can see the before and after versions of photos that I edit. I mainly use Darktable to edit photos on my desktop. I often use pre-set/styles but do some basic editing in addition to that. Slide over the images to see the difference!

The Beach at Okreblue Paros Retreat

okreblue retreatokreblue beach

Northern Lights in Finnish Lapland

Check out the magic of photo editing in addition to auroras in these photos. Most aurora photos you see are very much edited. While the camera does capture them much better than the eye (with correct exposure settings), the images may still need noise reductions and basic adjustments. Here I used an astrophotography filter too. The camera I used for these shots was a Nikon d3500.

northern lights finland

Siberian Jay in Lapland

How to make a dull winter image lively? See what a big difference it makes to adjust exposure and brightness, shadows and highlights, when you are not able to get much light from the environment. This bird was the perfect subject here, sitting on a snowy branch. Editing has brought out its colours.

siberian jay



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