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Known to be a European city of art, design and sustainability – the capital city of the Nordic nation Finland since 1812 – Helsinki, is a lovely seaside urban metropolis. With a modest population of about 1 million in the capital region, it is relatively small. The city centre is a concentrated area and can get crowded, especially during summers when everyone is out. An entirely different atmosphere can be experienced in summer and in winter in Helsinki.

It can get warm in the months of July and August with temperatures above 20°C, but the rest of the year it is cold and windy. Long daylight hours are enjoyed from the end of April until late September, and the opposite in the winter months. Spring and Autumn seasons are distinct and can be experienced in Helsinki from April–May and September–October respectively.

This is the place I have called home since 2015, when I moved here to begin my Master’s degree studies at the University of Helsinki. I’ve also visited Helsinki in the summer of 2014 to attend a summer school, when I have been a full-on tourist and explored as much of the city as I could. I understand Finnish quite well now, but you can get by with English here, so don’t worry.

Getting around Helsinki is pretty easy by just walking or with the good HSL public transport network.

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Would you like travel advice for your trip to Finland? I’m happy to help! I offer guidance for solo travellers to small groups, in English. This could further include a walking tour in Helsinki or a half-day guide with vegan lunch places. Get in touch for further information.

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Lapland, Finland.

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There really is much more to Finland than just Helsinki. It has taken me several trips and some exploration to realize that. I like travelling within the country – mostly during summer. Not to forget the magical Lapland, where I have spent time during 4 winters so far. Although people tend to visit just the capital on short stays, you should definitely explore other parts of the country if you have the time. For nature lovers, there is a lot you could do here.

The landscape and geology of Finland are pretty monotonous, one could say. This is true if you are on the road in the Southern and Central parts of the country – you will see fields and the countryside all around and there is not much difference until you are above the Arctic Circle or by the coast. It is thus good to have some knowledge of what different regions of Finland have to offer. For example, Eastern Finland has some amazing lakes and river gorges, on the Western coast you will find some great beaches and in Lapland – a different world in itself.

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