At the end of the year 2020

Dear Readers,

As the year comes to a close, I write this special post. It has not even been one whole year since Veganhaven came into existence, but I would like to think that it’s going somewhere. Even when this year made all travel plans and ideas seem like a distant dream.

I started this blog out of a love for travel, photography, writing and also sharing details about vegan lifestyle – bringing to light more information and facts so people can see how things can be, in a realistic, practical way. Maybe, just maybe, it would help someone make the connection. That we do not need to cause such harm to animals or the planet and we should all be adopting more eco-friendly lifestyles by now. Even if you love to travel around the world, you can do so in a better way.



This blog is a one woman army and some days it feels like full time work, only I don’t get paid for it. Planning trips, taking and editing the photos, writing content, managing the website, keeping social media updated – altogether takes a huge amount of time. Sometimes I can write several posts at once, sometimes it takes ages. Some days I have zero motivation and some days I am hopeful that through this blog I help inspire some good change. So,

I would like to thank my readers, followers and everyone who has been part of the beginning of this journey and hope you’ll stick around. I sure have many travels in mind and hope to share some great stories and photos with you in this next year. Thank you for the support and wish you a good New Year 2021!

– Nandita