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Cats of the Cyclades

Thought I’d dedicate a post to our little feline friends around the Cyclades islands. We’re the type of travellers who notice animals and birds in a place first before anything else and love to spend some time around them. On our trip to the Greek islands, we came across these stray kitties. The islands are their home and they are seen chilling around, minding their own business.

The first kitty pal, along with some others were found near our first place of stay by Krios beach on Paros Island. This one was quite sleepy at first but came around when he got some attention. Cute but with sharp claws.

cats of the cyclades
cats of the cyclades

Another one followed us to our room and waited in front of the door for a while, begging for some snacks? (we didn’t have anything except bread so she went away)

cats of the cyclades

This next cutie pie was living in the yoga retreat, where we stayed in Paros. She’d give us company for brunch everyday and mostly sleep during the afternoons.

Caldera kitty is a grey-white furball who stays by the caldera walking route in Fira, Santorini. It seems to be his territory and we didn’t see other cats around. Usually seen perched on this scooter or chasing some imaginary toy on the ground. He completely ignores passer-bys. Surely he is fed up with all the tourists coming up and taking photos. But he’s a non-aggressive calm kitty (please don’t use a flash. I saw someone doing this and it probably annoys).

Caldera kitty spotted basking in the sun during the day.
A black cat of Fira, Santorini.

The cats seemed well-off and I believe they can fend for themselves. Humans also give them attention and food. In the summer, I only hope they find good shelter, shade and enough water. There were not too many cats around and I see no problem as long as they are safe and healthy – they are not homeless, this is their home. There’s also some stray dogs around. Many of them abandoned by previous owners 🙁 It would be better for them to find a loving home. There is an NGO called Sawa that takes cares of strays and injured animals, gives them shelter and puts them up for adoption etc. Check them out if you’re in Santorini! Website: SAWA Santorini

We didn’t interact with any doggies, they were mostly sleeping during the heat of the day like these 3 seen at Akrotiri.



Cats of the Cyclades

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Last updated on August 23rd, 2023


  • Jane Lipmman

    You seem like an animal lover so I don’t understand this post. Hundreds of cats and dogs are poisoned and put down every year by the locals as they are deemed a nuisance. Visitors who go to Greece thinking the cats are a cute tourist attraction are kidding themselves. These are abandoned, neglected animals in danger. The hotels and businesses don’t like them around, there are mass poisonings at the end of the season. It’s sad and something must be done. Please don’t turn a blind eye to this.

    • Veganhaven

      Yes, that’s why I made this post! I’m well aware of the situation but also want to show a positive side of things. Most of these cats were well cared for, especially the one at the retreat (was a resident). It’s obviously terrible if people think to poison them and in no way do I support any such cruelty by posting these photos. They are not ‘tourist attractions’ – It’s ok to show them some love while you’re there. As I mention, there are NGOs that take care, spay and neuter the strays, put them up for adoption. Some tourists might be interested in adopting. I didn’t come across any animal in poor condition and found locals taking care of them too.. things are not as terrible as you may think they are.

  • Christina

    Sadly I have seen a few stray cats in poor condition who I’ve been feeding however what they really need is veterinary care and a loving home. I wish I could adopt them and take them back to Australia with me!

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