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Vegan Tallinn Old Town

How have I not mentioned Tallinn on this blog before!? It’s one of my favourite places in the world. The Old Town is simply amazing and also vegan friendly – considering that there are at least a couple of fully vegan restaurants/cafés in the area. We dine at at least one of these spots each time we visit Tallinn and can’t get enough of the delicious stuff they offer. So here we present the best Old Town eats:

Vegan Inspiratsioon

Lai 44, 10133 Tallinn, Estonia

The welcome signboard here says it all! Yes, hunger inspiring menu filled with a variety of dishes to choose from. In the photo is just 1-page of the menu, but believe me, there’s lots more. I have been here on many occasions and still have to try so many things out. There’s healthy brunch options, smoothies, bowls as well as burgers and tortillas in addition to starters, salads and soups. Also, the beverages are really nice – refreshing coffees, teas and drinks. What’s more, they have a great selection of desserts and cakes.

The vibe of this place is the best! Relaxed and friendly and the staff are super nice. Highly recommend this place to everyone visiting Tallinn.

Check out their Website for more info.

Vegan Restoran V

Rataskaevu 12, 10130 Tallinn, Estonia

Welcome to some fine-dining in the middle of the medieval town! Restoran V, the first vegan restaurant in Estonia, is super popular among all and often fully reserved. So make your table reservation a few days in advance! You can take-away or have the outdoor seating (in summer).

The creativity of the dishes and flavours make for an all-round culinary experience. They also serve wines, other drinks and some exquisite desserts. The indoor restaurant area is small and intimate. Definitely recommended for that date-night. From the Menu, we’ve tried the starter snack platter (smoked tempeh, artichoke hummus, cashew cream cheese, vegan feta, olives, veg and papadum – nom!), their creamy soups and for mains various dishes including seitan and beet patties.

Restoran V’s Website

Lisanna – Vegan Coffee Shop

Suurtüki 2, 10133 Tallinn, Estonia

For a more relaxed and chill setting, head over to Lisanna’s – a trendy little café behind Plate Torn (tower). I was there in July 2020, when I took the above photos. Had an iced coffee and one of their toasties (priced at around 5 – 6€). They had two branches – this one is ‘Väike Lisanna’ and the other one just outside Old Town. The way to Lisanna Kohvik (Kohvik means café in Estonian) was a lovely to walk through the old town streets on a warm sunny day.

Update Oct 2021: They permanently closed 🙁



That’s for our vegan Tallinn Old Town experience! These restaurants are well worth visiting and if you do have the time, check out others outside Old Town as well. For example, Veg Machine in Balti Jaama marketplace. I also heard of a new vegan restaurant Oasis opening, not far from the port of Tallinn. Can’t wait to go back. Do you have Tallinn on your go-to list or have you been there? Let me know in the comments!

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