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Corralejo Sand Dunes and Beach Paradise

For the second half of our trip to the Canary Islands last spring (oh how much I cherish that trip now), we stayed in Corralejo, a town on the northeast coast of Fuerteventura. It is one of the two tourist centres of the island and is known for its sand dunes, beaches and bars. This is the closest I’ve been to Africa! Of the Canary Islands, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote are the closest to the African continent. The desert like landscape and dunes make you feel like you are in the Sahara already.

You can see the small island Lobos from the coast and the bigger island Lanzarote as well! The waters around here are a serene colour. We actually sailed near Lobos during our Dolphin & Whale watching tour from Corralejo.

Where we stayed in Corralejo

Av. Corralejo Grandes Playas, 83, 35660 Corralejo, Las Palmas, Spain

We booked a one bedroom apartment at Punta Elena (Apartamentos Punta Elena Beach THe). It was a Standard Room with Seaview which was worth it, as you can see. There was a kitchen to cook our own meals. The apartment had pretty basic interiors and facilities but it was spacious and the bedroom was cosy. We spent most of our time outside on the balcony or by the poolside and beach anyway. This place was definitely good beyond my expectations!

  • Punta Elena beach Corralejo
  • Punta elena beach the Corralejo

Great location! We actually had a beach right there and the poolside bar was so nice. You can simply hop onto the beach from there and go for a long stroll by the seaside which is what we did everyday we stayed there (4 nights). If you walk about half an hour north along the shore you will reach the town where you will find restaurants, shops and bars. The hotel’s own restaurant was pretty nice too as they had some veggie options (wrap – ask for vegan, salad, Canarian potatoes ūüôā There is free parking for our rental car. From this location it was easy to reach the sand dunes and also make a half day hike to Volcano Bayuyo.

You can book it through the map widget below! *As a affiliate I earn a small commission if you book through our link, Thank You!*

Other options in Corralejo

If you are looking for a more luxurious resort & spa kind of stay, I would recommend checking out the Gran Hotel Bah√≠a, near Punt Elena Beach too, it looked amazing! I cannot comment on the availability of vegan food there and I’m aware of only one fully vegan accommodation in Fuerteventura – Yoga Friends. It’s inland and not too far from Corralejo. A beautiful resort, if you are looking for a yoga retreat – it’s perfect.

You can find many nice places to dine at in Corralejo and there are several fully vegan restaurants as well. For example, H2O juice bar. Check it out in our detailed post about Food in Fuerteventura.

The day before we left the island, was a day in the sand dunes and beach paradise. We walked in the endless sands, lay sunbathing in a small fortress at Playa El Bajo Negro and swam in the sea. It was March and not as warm as I would have liked. The sea breeze was cool but as long as you were under direct sun, it was warm.

We had the chance to watch some coastal birds too. These Sanderlings (Calidris alba) were on the beach often, foraging by the shore. I spent a nice afternoon photographing them – enjoy these images!

Photos I took from the seaside walks (isn’t it like a painting?) are below. You will also come across a Rhodolith beach here, a smaller one compared to the one people call the ‘Popcorn’ beach, also near Corralejo. It is of geological importance and we shouldn’t displace the formations. Rhodoliths are basically calcareous nodules composed of more than 50% of coralline red algal material.

Rhodolith beds are communities dominated by free living coralline algae, are a common feature of subtidal environments worldwide. Well preserved as fossils, they have long been recognized as important carbonate producers and paleoenvironmental indicators. – Rhodoliths and Rhodolith Beds

We loved our stay in Corralejo, Fuerteventura and would definitely love to go back someday! I hope you enjoyed this post – many of us have been waiting to travel again and it’s nice to go back to the good travel memories while dreaming about the next ones.

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