Unit Markt Zero Waste Shop in Helsinki

Hämeentie 92, 00550 Helsinki

Worth a mention on this blog is this zero waste store, probably the first of its kind in Helsinki.. There are stores such as Vegekauppa for vegan stuff, Ruohonjuuri, Ekolo that focus on health, eco-friendly and organic products, but there’s a serious lack of stores that offer the option of bulk-buying vegan organic groceries all in one place.  So here’s Unit Markt!

EDIT: October 2020, they are moving to a new location in the city and plan to open in November! Check their page for updates.

They opened in Dec ’19 in Vallila and we’ve been there only a couple of times. The store is located at a corner by one of the main roads in the city and is easily located. It has large glass windows and when you step in it’s bright and surrounded by zero waste goodies.

As you know – bring your own jars and containers to a zero waste store! Weigh the empty containers at the cashier and then start filling. They have most pantry staples like rice, oats, beans, nuts, flour, spices, oils and also some organic veggies and fruits. On one side you will find household and personal care items. As you shop you can also get a cup of coffee and vegan chocolate! They serve some beverages and small snacks at the counter.

We strive for a zero -waste life, avoid plastic as much as possible but it seems next to impossible. It comes down to cost. It’s great if we can bulk buy groceries at least a couple of times a month. Kind of like the traditional way of getting rice and beans in a big sack..that’s how I remember it used to be in India, it was the cheapest way. I do not get why refilling your soap bottle costs 3x more than a new soap with bottle from a regular store. The organic fruits and veggies are pricey too and we can’t afford to spend 4 euros on a bunch of onions all the time. But some things like coconut flakes were actually found to be cheaper at the zero waste store. Here’s a good article you might want to read: Is Zero Waste More Expensive? For longer-lasting non-food items, you can surely find some soap bars, detergents, scrubs and essential oils from here.

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