The prospects of travel in 2020

Travel after March 2020 requires some consideration. After all, a global pandemic led to a complete halt in all international travel in some countries. How is the situation now? Should we venture outside our borders already? I see news stating that many European countries have lifted restrictions and can’t wait for tourism to get back on track. This is good for the economy, I guess. In Europe and Finland at least, things are back to the usual.

 ”Historically, people have grown impatient of restrictions intended to slow the spread of deadly viruses.” – I read on a recent NatGeo newsletter.

I would suggest caution while travel, as always! Look for domestic travel options – go somewhere you haven’t been within the country where you live, camp out or.. just spend the summer doing absolutely nothing other than relax under the sun. I think it’s perfect as the Finnish summer seems to be finally here. We are seeing a warm midsummer unlike one in ages. Anyway, the prospect of travel has already crossed my mind and here I am excited about visiting my favourite neighbouring country – Estonia. Always best for a good, short trip and ideal in this situation. It’s the best option right now since all the other places we planned to travel to are further away. We thought of visiting Slovenia at least in July and going to the Metal days festival. Sigh. Next year maybe. But hey Baltic states, here we come!

What are your travel plans, if any? Comment below! And enjoy the midsummer wherever you are!

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