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Airports are not the most vegan-friendly places that exist but this is changing slowly, too. After a smooth check-in at Helsinki Airport, we stopped by Uppercrust at T2, near the departure gates. They offer speciality coffees with plant-based milk options. I ordered a cappuccino with oatmilk to go, in my reusable bamboo cup – always carry one 😉 The onward flight from Helsinki to Gran Canaria was about 7 hours long and late in the evening so we decided it’s best to order an in-flight dinner.

We usually don’t purchase anything on shorter flights, as you know the options and quality of food served on flights is not too great. This meal was pre-ordered (vegan option available) when I booked the flight tickets with Norwegian Air. This is what we got: Couscous with veggies – it was warm and well flavoured. It wasn’t too filling and considering the price (11 €) we paid for it, wasn’t a lot. There was no bread or anything on the side. Can’t expect much on a budget airline now. The reusable fork was mine, by the way. Just a small tip to avoid plastic – don’t accept the one use cutlery given on flights.

In-flight meal, Norwegian Air

We avoid eating and staying too long at airports but due to delays (first lockdown in Spain) on the return journey we ended up staying in the Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria airports for over 10 hours in total. We survived off the snacks we were carrying: Clif energy bars, nuts, chips and biscuits. Gran Canaria airport had a place serving food near the departure gates with vegan options marked on the menu. We were starving by then so the fresh peas salad, orange juice and potato wedges tasted amazing.

35600 Puerto del Rosario, Las Palmas, Spain

The first stop for lunch upon our arrival at Fuerteventura: found this top-rated restaurant on HappyCow, located in the capital of Puerto del Rosario, about 15 minutes by car from the airport. We arrived there at 11AM when they were just opening. Ordered a tropical Mango -Papaya smoothie first and then chose our mains – Mango and Avocado Tartare plate and a ‘Fish and Chips’ plate. I must say that I ate dessert before the main course. I was hungry while waiting and ordered the Almond- Choco tart that my eyes fell upon. I was so full with that plus the heavy smoothie that I could barely finish my mains, which included a big portion of sides- Nachos, hummus and salad. Took away some. Delicias y Namaste is a colorful vegan restaurant serving organic food, The prices are high but it’s quality food and definitely worth dining in at least once.




Calle Almte. Nelson, 3, 35660 Corralejo, Las Palmas, Spain

We dined at this fully plant-based restaurant a couple of times while staying in Corralejo. The cuisine is varied – there’s Asian, Indian, Italian and Canarian dishes. It is run by two friendly women, who speak to you in Spanish (even if you do not understand :D) and English. We went with the buffet option (a fixed price of around 15€, comparable to prices in Finland) and ate as much as we could. One evening I went there for tiramisu, which was apparently the best in Fuerteventura. They also have an à la carte menu with many mouth-watering options to choose from. On another night we dropped in for wine and snacks. All wines are vegan, of course. The atmosphere is perfect for a wine and dine. 

EDIT Oct 2020: We are very sad to hear that this restaurant had to close.


Calle la Milagrosa, 29, 35660 Corralejo, Las Palmas, Spain

Quick stop for a brunch in a central square of Corralejo- you will find this small cafe run by dedicated people. Good place, good people and good vibes. We ordered coffee, smoothie bowls, hummus toast and sandwich of the day. They accept only cash, not cards, but we found this to be common in many places on the island.

Av. los Lagos, 42, Local 3, 35650 El Cotillo, Las Palmas, Spain

On our trip to the El Cotillo beach lagoons, we dropped by this small bio shop and vegan café for a bite. The oat milk latte was really good and then a delicious freshly made pumpkin pie – made my day. The café also serves vegan brunches.

Happy cactus El Cotillo

La Sombra

La Sombra, 35637 Betancuria, Las Palmas, Spain

This place is pretty much an oasis in the scenic little historic town of Betancuria, that’s the best way to describe it. It’s an open restaurant serving Beyond burgers surrounded by lush vegetation. They also serve non-vegan stuff but we ignore that part and sit down to enjoy some fast food. A kitty also joined me at the table. Ordering food: The staff had an idea what was vegan so told us that there were two vegan burgers on the menu – the Beyond and a falafel burger, and that they didn’t have vegan cheese (at the moment?). So we ordered one of each, without any cheese. I don’t bother about cheese because it’s not healthy in any way and best to skip. My falafel burger was alright – crispy and a filling patty. Would recommend this place for the atmosphere and location.

Las tapas de Miguel

Calle Piragua, 5, 35625 Morro Jable, Las Palmas, Spain

On a beach day in Morro Jable, we walked through a small area crowded with different restaurants in search of any vegan options for lunch. We finally settled here as they had a ‘vegeteriano’ section on the menu and the staff, some friendly Italians, told us that they could make any pizza. We ordered a Marinara and a cheeseless Veggie pizza. Both were very good, I especially liked the Marinara with extra garlic and a well-done crust.

Punta Elena Beach THe

Av. Corralejo Grandes Playas, 83, 35660 Corralejo, Las Palmas, Spain

The apartment we stayed at in Corralejo by the same name, had a nice restaurant serving continental food. Unfortunately most of it involved dragging poor little sea creatures out of the ocean. But we got a fresh and tasty fruit and nut salad along with Canarian Potatoes on the side – basically spiced boiled new potatoes, served with a paprika dip sauce. The staff seemed to know what the word ‘vegan’ meant, so that was nice. They also offered us a veggie wrap made vegan (it may usually contain cheese). I don’t have photos of those as we ordered some drinks and quickly finished the food to move to the pool bar. This restaurant and bar are also open to the public. The last photo is from the seaside bar, as you can see – pretty nice.

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